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Vision Database Systems has been in the carding and tracking solutions business for nearly 20 years. Because of our long history and focus upon the ID business, we are in the unique position of supporting a dealer network who can move the exciting products developed by VDS to their customer base.

Here are some of the advantages to reselling VDS Technology:

Proprietary Software

Vision Database Systems develops its own unique and proprietary software for carding and tracking. You would be selling unique software to your customers which is not likely to be bid against due to limited dealers carrying our products.

Top-notch Customer Support

VDS has been independently rated at 96% for customer satisfaction in its customer support. Whether you want to resell our services or simply utilize us for backup support, you can rest assured that we will do what it takes to make sure your customer is satisfied.

Hardware/Software Bundles

In addition to our software, we continuously test with the latest printers, PDAs, and other hardware to make sure our software is compatible and to insure the satisfaction of your customers. Whether you buy the hardware from us or source it yourselves, you can be confident in selling Vision Database solutions.

Open Industry Standard Solutions

In comparison to nearly all other carding and tracking solutions, VDS is the most open. Our carding software will print to Evolis, Fargo, Datacard, Polaroid, Nisca, DNP, Zebra, and other popular printers. Our handheld solutions work on Symbol, Socket, HP, and other PDA solutions. We have solutions for barcode, magstripe, contactless HID prox or iClass, Mifare, and other RFID.

Easy to Do Business With Us

We have dealer associate plans and bronze level plans with no purchase commitments which you can grow into gold and platinum levels, with attractive bulk pricing. We will take orders to drop ship to your best accounts. We provide plenty of stock so that filling orders can be timely. Like you, our background was reselling for others so we know the importance of timeliness, product features, pricing, and technical support.

High Profit Sales

Little competition, you will be able once again to sell a non-commoditized product, and since our products sell in quantity, it is possible to garner sales personnel mind share, which increases commissions for them, and increases profits for you.

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