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About Us

Vision Database Systems develops software products for ID carding and ID tracking. VDS is a leader in the ID card and tracking systems field. After success with its ID Card Software, RapIDcard in the 1990s VDS went on to develop PC Based and Handheld ID tracking programs for schools, universities, businesses, events and more.

Integrated Software Solutions for Identification, Tracking, and Biometric Authentication

Our Vision Database Systems office located in Florida USA is a photo ID software development firm and has been supplying state-of-the art ID card and tracking solutions for over 18 years. Our photo id card system software creates emergency and essential personnel ID badges and our Handheld Tracking and Biometric Authentication solutions validate an individual's identity, and manage and track proper security credentials. Our photo ID card and tracking systems are customizable, user friendly and scalable for use in any business entities. Each ID card printer sold through VDS has the ability to print vibrant full color cards and many have the option to include extra options such as magnetic stripe and smart chip encoding, lamination, and high tech access and security features.

Technology Innovation

RapIDcard Pro has been in use for nearly 14 years helping hundreds of customers produce high quality Photo IDs using the latest Microsoft technology. Our commercial version, called RapIDcard IDMS, has been powering over 40 college campus one-card Photo ID programs in the US, the 4th largest installed base of any carding vendor. Campus ID managers use IDMS as the dashboard to manage not only their student database, but also their real-time connections to their access control, library, food, and other campus software. IDMS remains as the most powerful, yet most convenient to use package for adding a valid VISA, MC, AMEX card number from a single bank, or multiple banks. Its bulletproof security feature insures that no duplicates are printed, which is a nightmare for banking related applications.

RapIDtrack Red Green is a generic desktop solution providing the ultimate in PC-based attended access control. The program has been battle tested at football games, insuring that only fee paid students can be seated without a paper ticket. The program can be used in student gyms, dorms, and other areas needing attended access. RapIDtrack Red Green also contains the Pocketracker Gateway, which is a service that allows our handheld mobile tracking solution to communicate with any student database, including on the fly photo conversion with crisp clarity insuring that a visual comparison between the photo and the student can be flawless.

Pocketracker Red Green is the latest in mobile Pocket PC functionality with additional capability to muster students for emergencies and grant loyalty points or a declining balance for special events. Using barcode, mag, or a contactless scanner, Pocketracker can instantly and positively identify ID cardholders, provide an instant group count including individual’s name, ID number, and time of entry, AND pass the audit information to a an event report, an accounting program, or to a time and attendance program. Because of the Pocketracker Gateway, connectivity is maximized to most popular existing ID card or access control databases.

We have recently added 2 new products to our K12 Tracking system line, with the brand new RapIDtrack Pro which handles positive behavior management as well as tardy and discipline management. Any school policy can be custom entered, modified easily and easily, and strictly enforced. Pocketracker K12 with Bluetooth pass printer is a true innovation in the K12 space. By displaying the student photo quickly, a positive ID insures that no student gets away with using another student’s ID. Bus number, medical info, other info can display instantly. Check a student schedule and if not where they are supposed to be, instantly print a warning or even a detention. This innovative product is truly revolutionary to administrators of the future.

Expert and Friendly Support You Can Count On

Customers get more than expected from our technical support staff. Not only specific help on a software question or a how-to-use issue, but our staff goes above and beyond by diagnosing printer, camera, reader, or mobile PDA problems. In addition to prompt email support, many of our customers enjoy the convenience of picking up the phone and speaking with one of our courteous tech staff. In addition to this convenience, our focus on carding and tracking problem solving for 18 years allows us to get quickly to the heart of the problem, and solve it usually within a short amount of time. In addition to standard customer support, VDS provides several supplemental support package plans which deal with database related issues, conversions, and requests for service which go above and beyond the ID or Tracking system itself.

If consulting is what you are after, our carding and tracking experts can be contracted to do a needs analysis such as upgrading from mag encoding to contactless options. We have made programming changes to our programs on a custom basis for many accounts with unique needs. It is this kind of responsiveness that sets VDS apart from all other contenders.

We can also be contracted for onsite carding and tracking events, and even for assistance with card layouts and graphics. Our focus is carding and tracking in service for you, the customer.

Value Oriented Solutions

When thinking about your solutions, our experts will put themselves in your shoes. If you come to us thinking about purchasing a 2-sided printer, or an expensive contactless solution, you will often be presented with lower cost alternatives to preserve your budget or to allow you room to purchase other options which may be important to your project. Many customers using the internet for shopping find that the lowest cost system is the cheapest, and we are not referring only to the expense involved. Being in business for 17 years has given us a unique insight into designing effective, yet affordable solutions for your customers.